Voron. La Muerte del Sentido
El Punto Gritante
What does a human being do when a whole culture encloses it? When it has used all the means this culture provides to alleviate the horror of being a robot?
Performing Arts
Expanded literature
Strings// sound installations
This sound installation project arose out of the process of the exploration of behavioral patterns pertaining to our culture. Mechanisms of repetitive thought forming networks going through us. The installations, to be activated by performance, are assemblies of strings, to be rubbed, plucked, vibrated and amplified with contact microphones, whose signal is also digitally processed.
Sound Design, Music, Performing Arts
La Carne Mujerilizada
¿Cómo se cuestiona una noción sobre sí que normalmente se da por hecho? ¿Se puede explorar el paradigma de genero encarnado en mi?; ¿bajo cuyos supuestos actúo y pienso automáticamente?    
Tartamudeos de la conciencia//Performance
The piece is made up by a series of compositions with elements such as movement, video, visual arts, voice, and words. They are assembled as a map traced with lines of inner exploration.
Performing Arts, Film, Painting
Tartamudeos de la conciencia//Installation
Placing screens irregularly and breaking what we know to be familiar, in this laberyintic tour the intent is to give access to a wider scope of perception that allows the spectator to penetrate in the atmosphere of an excessive world.
Digital Art
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